The Lust List

Baking equipment and ingredients I can’t wait to use!

Kitchenaid Mixer – The 5-Quart Tilt Head Artisan Series – in Apple Green

My mom has always preferred to use a hand-held mixer in the kitchen. Partly because it’s what she grew up with, partly because they are easier to store. But when I started making bagels at home (a process that requires a lot of hand kneading) I realized I would be much more likely to have homemade bagels if I could use a dough hook. Also, it would eliminate my need to nap while the dough was rising–therefore giving me even more time to bake! Luckily, my family saw the truth in this — and eager for me to make more bagels, scoured the ads until we saw that it was on sale at Khol’s and –to my delight–came in Apple Green! Now I will just have to patiently (haha) wait until Christmas morning to open it!

Cupcake Carrier – For obvious reasons, I think this is essential to my well-being. The problem is, I don’t know which to buy, which would best serve my needs, or where I would store such an item when I wasn’t using it. Til I find the perfect one, I will be carefully selecting shoe boxes to transport my cupcakes around town.



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