About the Baker

Hi! Welcome to the Sweetea Pie blogsite! My name is Amanda, and I am an aspiring baker. In college, I studied what I loved–English literature and Renaissance history–without worrying about where it would take me. Four years later, as a harried student teacher, I decided to make a life change. I finished my education degree, put my diploma in a dresser drawer, and decided I needed to do something that made me happy. I found myself in the kitchen. Baking. Now, I am a baker and cake decorator at a Big Y grocery store in Connecticut. I caught the baking and decorating bug from my mom at an early age (for one birthday my mother created 27 Eeyore shaped cupcakes–BEFORE Tack and Richardson wrote Hello, Cupcake). I love trying and inventing new recipes, making things festive and fun, and winding down with a hot cup of tea before bed (poured from my green kettle!) I hope you enjoy my adventures on Oh My Sweetea Pie!

My first baking class: Bagels and Bialys at the King Flour Company


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