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As you might imagine, my life has changed since I started Oh My Sweetea Pie the first time, two years ago. Although my baking passion not subsided, my career and home have changed drastically. I find my time is the kitchen has been cut short and, let’s just say, the kitchen in the rental is not as well-stocked as momma’s!

As I brush the dust off my oven mitts, I thought I’d tackle a simpler version of fall’s traditional favorite pie and try out an apple crisp. And everyone knows a good crisp or crumble is the lazy busy girl’s pie! (As I wrote this, I realized I had no idea what the difference between a crumble and a crisp is, or if there even is one for that matter!  Find out what the Huffington Post has to stay here! This helpful article even covers some things I had never heard of, such as the buckle–which looks de-lish. Who knew!? Evidently, I made a crumble tonight, distinguishable from a crisp by the oats in the topping.)Apples at Bishop's Orchard

To sweeten the deal, this treat is not only quick to make, but healthy to eat! Something a girl with a desk job (and her co-workers) can really appreciate. To really, truly sweeten the deal, I used apples I had picked this past weekend at Bishop’s Orchard in Guildford, CT. During our visit, we sampled some of Bishop’s signature apple wines. Life doesn’t get much sweeter!

I hope this goes well with pumpkin spice coffee in the office tomorrow!

Apple Crumble

Check out my recipe here. I skimmed a few recipes, such as these from Cooking Light online, and then crafted my own out of what I had on hand.