Today was the first day of fall, my favorite season. Although many people see this time of year as a closing of another the bright summer, I feel rejuvenated. Something about the crisp weather and new ingredients feels right.

The crown jewel of fall is Thanksgiving. The leaves we’ve been crunching underfoot, the apples of the harvest, the pumpkins from Halloween, all the scarecrows and squash–everything comes together at the end of the season and celebrate the abundance of what the year has brought into our lives and put on our tables.

Sometimes, in the craziness of life I forget just how lucky I am and how much I take for granted. To combat that, I’m going to start this fall with Thanksgiving. Here are a few awesome things, big and small, that I want to remember to be thankful for this week:

1. My lovely, talented, generous friends. Sometimes planning to get together might September's Night Out with the Girls - Kathleen's Birthdayfeel like we’re trying to move a mountain, but I love every second I get to see you ladies!

2. Wine tastings. ‘nough said.

3. Driving between Woodbridge and Stamford in traffic so light I can use cruise control. Anyone familiar with the Merritt Parkway or 95 can back me up on this one. It’s a rare, blessed occurrence, and once that I got to experience tonight!

4. My upcoming adventures! Stay tuned to see where I’ll be exploring, eating and baking in the coming weeks.

5. Free Yoga Classes!! Yoga is everything I want in my life. Sometimes its mellow and relaxed–a safe and comfortable space to stretch, breath, and reflect. Other times, it’s heated and intense, and you leave your mat drenched in sweat, having been challenged to push yourself to new limits–exhausted but exhilarated. Yoga is balance. Anytime I can have a piece of that for free, it’s 100%, completely awesome. I got to try out The Breathing Room in New Haven today and worked on inversions for the first time!

6. Bonding with my parents over our shared love of music. We got wayyyy too invested in this infomercial tonight.

Sunflowers in Stamford at 7 am - Say that tentimesfast7. Beautiful, sunny mornings that make you actually want to get out of bed and run. You know the ones, when you look out you  window and think, “Wow, look at the light sparkling through that glass–it would be a waste not to get out there.” This time of year, in my mind, it’s usually accompanied by the thought that it must be perfect long-sleeve-t-shirt-and-shorts running conditions. If you can look at your window at 6:30 in the morning and smile, you know it’s going to be a good day.

8. The internet! It’s totally incredible! I will always, always love books and cookbooks are no exception. (Check out my latest reviews here). There is something wonderful about a tangible page, and yet, after combing through six cookbooks to find a recipe with either acorn squash or kale in it, I hopped on my mom’s laptop, and at my fingertips were more acorn squash and kale recipes than I could try in a lifetime – and Voila! Tonight’s menu is set. The entire world is at our fingertips. Simply amazing.

9. Bringing writing back into my life!

10. My dad’s ability find, and then remove, Aviatorsany knot in my back. He’s also pretty awesome at fixing stuff and popped the lens back into my sunglasses today! Let’s all note that while I *might* be the most indecisive person in the entire world, I clearly know what I want in a pair of sunglasses. So happy to have all my options back!

What are you thankful for this fall?