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Speaking of second chances…

Blue Trail

Went for a run at my old high school stomping ground…blue trail love never dies!

This past Sunday evening, after an exceptionally festive weekend, full of surprise visits, delicious brunches and a few glorious fall runs, I tried to squeeze in one more achievement as a grand finale of sorts. Okay. I’ll be honest. Overachiever-big dreamer I am, I tried to get *two* more things into my weekend. The brownies burned and dinner was bland. But it wasn’t a complete loss; the music was played, conversation was shared, and I got to hang out with the parents!

But those brownies had a mission – so on Tuesday night it was back to the drawing board. Erm. Mixing bowl. Baking oven. I measured, whisked, folded, and baked the rich ingredients again; this time, putting the batter in the oven immediately instead of letting it set on my counter-top for 40 minutes while I ate dinner (You can see why things may not have turned out as planned).*

On my second try, I actually got to step 2 of the recipe and tried my hand at making caramel for the first time! Who knew what magic a little brown sugar and evaporate could spark? And seeing as I now have more evaporated milk than I know what to do with, I forecast a weekend food report of caramel with a chance of pumpkin.

A little melted chocolate drizzle over the caramel topping, and voilà! How beautiful they looked in the pan! And yet…nothing like the picture in the recipe…suspicious. As I cut into the brownies to carefully nestle them into the special-delivery-wrapping-paper-covered box I had prepared, they crumbled and caved a bit, giving me the opportunity excuse I needed to taste test and ascertain that though they were not the prettiest or perhaps the neatest brownies ever baked, they tasted pretty neat. See what I did there?

Anyway, mystery recipient, give me a shout when they arrive, travel-worn and perhaps, suitable only for use as a crumbly topping on vanilla ice cream. Now that I’ve discovered the FedEx discount at work, there might be more deliveries in the future Sweetea Pies!

While you wait for yours, give the recipe a wing yourselves and let me know how it goes!

*Monday morning, Mom did inform that though the tops of the brownies looked burned, they did not taste burned, no, not at all. She and my father made sure to check each one individually.