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Although Seattle is known for it’s coffee, the rainy weather just begs for the comfort of a hot cup of tea and several shops I came upon served the need spectacularly. As we wandered around Pike Place Market, we found this adorable little cafe, The Crumpet Shop. Thankfully ducking in out of the chilly air, we ordered up some whole leaf teas (and a hot apple cider for Mike) and warmed up for a bit.

I was delighted to see Irish Dessert Tea on the menu, a selection that combined two of my favorite things! I’d never heard of “Dessert Teas” before, but I was quickly made a fan. Flavors of coffee, chocolate and jasmine swirled together in the familiar and comforting black tea blend. And while I definitely needed the warmth of a hot tea on Saturday, I bet that this tea would be wonderful over ice in the summer months!

If you love the idea of chocolate and tea together at last-then you might be as excited as I am about this next tea pairing-Tea and cupcakes at the Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company! We popped into this shop in the Belltown neighborhood just in time for Happy Hour–40% off cupcake prices that is!

This super cozy shop boasts an intimidating selection of cupcake flavors, including the Pancake and Bacon cupcakes and Boston Creme ones we selected. I also just love the way they put their tea selections (from The Art of Tea and Miro tea) on display.

Happy tea drinking!