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Greetings from Seattle!

This weekend’s Friday Food Find comes to you all the way from the west coast! After a long day of travel, my friend Alex and I arrived in Seattle to visit fellow blogger Mike (see his website here!). Almost as soon as we got here, we hit the (damp) pavement in search of good food. I am finding that Seattle is awesome for foodies. The Pike Place Market (can’t wait to see it in action during the day), the many, many coffeehouse cafes, and of course, the bakeries.

Mike brought us out to Capitol Hill to check out one of his favorite places, a burger joint called Blue Moon. Famous for a frequently changing menu, the Blue Moon was pretty busy this Friday night. Mike adventurously ordered the Burger of the Month, and when I saw it come out, I knew I had found the Friday Food Find. A Waffle Chicken burger. Two Belgium Waffles sandwiching fried chicken, bacon, syrup and horseradish sauce. In-tense. Pictures to follow soon, when I get home and find my camera cord! Oops!

As promised–