Why tea?

After all, I grew up in a household where we (the adults) drank espresso. We even have one of those fancy stove top espresso makers. I say fancy because most people look at it and ask, “what does that do” in an awed or confused tone. Many mornings during my childhood, when I woke up before my parents, I would try to “surprise” them by making breakfast. The most important part of this, in my mind, was getting the espresso right. On the other hand, I had no idea how to use a coffee machine until junior year of college when part of my on campus job was maintaining the coffee bar at the alumni house. Anyway, I really like espresso. Well, I really like espresso flavored milk, with lots of sugar. Doctored to taste something like Eddy’s Espresso Chip Ice Cream. Yummmm

But I digress.

So, why tea?

Maybe because it’s sort of British and I’ve long-held a fascination for all things from the UK (mostly authors and actors). Maybe because my childhood tea set changed colors when you put hot water in the cups (so cool!) Maybe because tea kettles are so domestic and mine is bright and green and cheerful (thanks Amy!) Maybe because there are so many flavors of varieties of tea and I can actually taste the differences, unlike those of a dark roast or french pressed or whatnot coffee (maybe I add too much milk?) Or maybe, because tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world* (Wikipedia told me so!)

The truth is, I just really like tea. The calming ritual of it, and the idea that it is healing–sort of like a cherished baking recipe. And for that reason, Oh My Sweetea Pie will be celebrating Tea Time Tuesdays with posts about tea–making tea, consuming, and learning more about tea. Stay tuned!

When Sting wants to drink tea with you, you say yes.

*after water…